Our Services


VisionWare is supporting its clients identifying, managing and effectively mitigating risks and threats that may put in question the regular functioning and the survival of the organization.

We offer comprehensive advisory services on Corporate Security, bearing in mind that, today, Security is present in all aspects of the organization. We help our clients to understand how to align security with business – as we believe that doing business and doing security should go hand in hand.

We develop different initiatives to promote commitment and alignment within the organization through various methodological frameworks diagnosis and intervention – in order to guarantee that each organization has a Security concept that meets with its company goals.

We are linking the dots between “physical” and “digital” Security, shifting both security approaches into one. We’re also shifting Security organizational models from functional to matrix structures, to allow flexibility and integration at the same time.

We have a multidisciplinary and experiment team, with different backgrounds – independent eyes, a single outlook: IT, Business and Management, Law, Political Sciences and Security, so we can provide you a rich but comprehensive approach.


VisionWare believes Security starts with prevention and planning. But if we can assist you mitigating risks, we know that even together we will never be able to eliminate it.

A criminal can be well-succeed stealing your data. Your competitor can obtain critical documents from your people or systems, getting inside information to manipulate a public bid. Your reputation may be damaged by an hacker that can capture your website, or send emails from your corporate systems. An employee may be subject to extortion. Your business partner can runway to found another company, taking with him critical information or IP. Your infrastructure can be subject to an attack, and you may be force to react immediately. Risks are always changing and we must be sure we are not surprised by a dark reality.

That’s why you must be ready to react – and we’re prepared to assist you if something goes wrong. Remember: if you’re not ready to react, things can get even worse. You must know relevant facts immediately. You need an effective explanation and a effective plan to fix all the mess.

Our team is ready to tackle fraud, cybercrime, contract disputes, litigation, intellectual property and licensing compliance, stolen art, extortion, corruption, insurance claims, and regulatory investigations. We have specialists in IT, engineering, accountancy, finance, compliance, fraud, economy and terrorism, witch will allow us to overcome the most complex situations.


In your company, information is value? How much is your company spending collecting, processing, and transforming information? What would be the impact if there’s a breach on your information systems?

Are you really protecting your Data?

Different studies indicate Privacy & Data Protection are top of mind in today’s enterprises. But Top Managers don’t rely anymore just on IT-based solutions, there are calling for effective custom-fit data protection strategies.

That’s why you need us: we can design with your teams comprehensive, integrated strategies to minimize downtime, improve recovery performance and protect your information assets, complying not only with ISO 27001/ISO 27002, but also with legal regulations and security measures on personal data protection [including Regulation (EU) 2016/679 – already in force and applicable from 25 May 2018 – and the Directive (EU) 2016/680 – that must be transposed by EU Member States into their national laws by 6 May 2018].

Please note the EU Data Protection Reform incorporates a set of new concepts and obligations that must be incorporated in your company’s procedures and behaviour. Non-compliance with the law may ruin your reputation – as more than 90% of Europeans say they want the same data protection rights across the EU and believe the new Regulation is an essential step to strengthen citizens' fundamental rights in the digital age – as well as your pockets – since penalties for non-compliance can amount up to 20 million, or 4% of the total worldwide annual turnover of the precedent financial year.


VisionWare is helping its clients managing political, reputational and security risks in complex and hostile environments. We put our eyes to clarify unseen risks, analysing data, handling with sensitive political issues, to provide practical solutions.

We provide Daily Briefs, Weekly Briefs, Intelligence Reports on specific countries and business. We monitor security risks of your expatriates and travellers. We anticipate major geopolitical, economic and security trends of your business landscape. We help you designing your strategy, staying ahead of your competition – with the right information. All our reports are custom made, to fit to the specific needs of your company or organization.

We also provide Strategic Business Intelligence (“SBI”) reports, so you may invest understanding the business climate of the entering market, its regulatory landscape or the risks that are already affecting existing operations. SBI Reports may also include in-depth analysis for sales or acquisitions, partnerships, and shareholders agreements.

The Information Reporting Team, jointly with the Forensics Team, are also able to provide reports in case of wrongdoing, serious misconduct, criminal behaviour or significant regulatory failings, for criminal purposes or Compliance.

Our team includes Senior Managers with a strong background in Academics, Top Management, and Political Advising, and a substantial experience working together with different Public Agencies, Police and Military Forces.  


VisionWare is focused on Security and Cybersecurity, but we’re are not just advisers. We’re good... because we also do!

Our Team is ready to support you in major technological decisions. We can ensure your decisions aligned organizational and operational goals with your business strategy – bearing always in mind, costs.

We can design and implement your major projects. We are also ready to put our arms where our mouth is, guaranteeing the implementation of the solutions we prescribe.

We can issue opinions on the budgets of your IT projects, to ensure they meet your needs, and are aligned with the best practices, prices and trends in the market.

If you have an IT project, and you need help, do not hesitate to contact us.